ATTENTION: For the 2023 season, we at Green Magic are encouraging our customers to utilize our new Mid-Season Pre-Emergent application.

We are adding another application to our Lawn Care services. The Mid Season Pre-Emergent application inhibits key enzymes which prevents the germination of seeds. This primarily focuses on hardier weeds and prevents it from taking root in your lawn. Due to the nature of this process, it will also kill any non-germinated weed seed in the same manner, including dandelions, thistle, mallow, bindweed, spurge (which is an annual as well as perianal that has the ability to store sugars and starches in its root system for up to 2 years making it hard to get rid of.) , and up to 40 different types of broadleaf weeds and even other types of wild grasses. The new Mid Season Pre-Emergent must be applied in early to mid-summer and is not subject to our 4 to 6 week offset between our fertilizer applications. Current customers that utilize pre-emergent see significant reduction and elimination of weeds and nuisance grasses on their property. This application is the biggest deterrent to the weeds and wild grasses that invade your lawn for the later part of the season. We strongly suggest implementing this application. If you have any questions, please call in at (406) 259-6823.


This application uses pre-emergent herbicide that inhibits key enzymes and prevents germination of seeds. This primarily defends against crab-grass and other seasonal grasses but also will stop many other weed varieties including dandelions, spurge, clover, etc. from establishing without affecting existing plants. Since our herbicides are effective only by contact with the existing weed, it has no way to stop future weeds from appearing so this application has a complimentary effect by creating an environment in which seeds cannot germinate thereby preventing any future appearances and halting the spread of all seed based plants (including some natural, wild grasses such as crab grass and bent grass.