Dave Voegele is an ISA Certified Arborist specializing in proper pruning techniques, diagnosis of insects and diseases and design maintenance programs that will enhance your landscapes health and vigor. All trees, shrubs and lawns represent a valuable and growing investment to any home.


If you believe there is something wrong with your tree or trees and have no idea what is causing it, we will send our Certified Arborist to your property to diagnose the issue. He will look at the other landscape elements to see if there may be any additional issues or if one is spreading. Because his is a specialized skill and there are many demands on his time, we charge a diagnosis fee of $60 for his visit.


For any and all of our services, you may request a free estimate of the price. Because everyone's yard and landscaping is different and cost is determined by service to be performed and size of job, we may need some time to come and examine the parameters and specifics for your personal job so that we can be precise and make informed judgements.


­as our customers and clientele, when you speak with any of our representatives, we are always willing to give you advice and recommendations concerning your trees, shrubs and lawn to the best of our individual abilities and knowledge, and what areas of concern that are beyond our personal scope of expertise, we will endeavor to place you in contact with the person best equipped to knowledgeably advise you.