Do You Know What's in Your Lawn Fertilizer?

Do You Know What's in Your Lawn Fertilizer?

3 reasons to switch to organic fertilizer in Billings, MT

Although lawn fertilizer is designed to keep grass healthy, some products contain herbicides that can harm garden plants and make animals sick. Green Magic can use granular organic fertilizer instead of a liquid application to beautify your yard in Billings, MT.

The fertilizer we use...

  1. Activates only with watering and can be applied at any time
  2. Is safe to use around children and pets
  3. Doesn't contain herbicide

Please note that organic fertilizer isn't designed for weed control. If you're fighting an uphill battle with weeds, we can recommend an alternative lawn fertilizer.

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Better for your lawn, and for the environment

Organic fertilizer is gaining popularity in Billings, MT because it's a natural lawn care solution. Contact us today to get a free estimate on fertilizing service.